Country manager / brand ambassador (France)

Paris, Île-de-France, France


This role is responsible for growing the awareness and demand generation on the French market.

We already have a sales person who can handle demos and close prospects, we are looking for someone to grow the number of qualified leads we can hand over to sales.

We are growing very fast on the US market but, despite being a French company, we have too little visibility on the French market and there’s a lot of untapped potential for us here.

The job is preferably based in Paris but we are ready to look at remote positions as long as the person can come to Paris every week and the applicant is a great fit.






We’re a group of highly motivated, hard working individuals working out of 8 countries spanning 4 continents. Deriving happiness and joy from our work is part of our DNA and we strive as a company to empower our teammates to reach their professional AND personal goals. That said, we’re in it to win it in our space - it’s no accident that we’re ranked #1 in customer satisfaction. We’re nimble, we’re lean, and we’re humble - but we think and dream BIG. And while most of us work remotely, we foster and enjoy a culture where every colleague seems just a cubicle and click away.

If you value building amazing work relationships that will last a lifetime; and if you are seeking a company that will nurture and grow your career in challenging new directions, you just may be a fit.

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